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Wager Gulch, Lake City, Co.

  July 2001


slipery shale.jpg (98312 bytes)     mine shack.jpg (272749 bytes) Wager Gulch is a fairly simple trail provided you stay on the main trail.  The picture on the top left is of a shale rock trail that goes down to the abandoned mine you see in picture two.  The switchback turns you must go through are way too tight and it took me 15 minutes to navigate the second one. The trail dead ends at the abandoned  mine.

As you are going up the Wager Gulch Trail, leaving from Lake City, Co.  you will come to a left hand turn on the trail. It is not marked and this is the trail down to the mine. It can be confused with the SECOND left hand turn that you want to take to get to the ghost town of Carson, CO., one of the best preserved ghost towns in the state.

Carson, CO.jpg (197952 bytes)     Image401.jpg (216148 bytes)     Image411.jpg (278597 bytes)     Image421.jpg (229072 bytes)     Image431.jpg (237677 bytes) Mining area that is closed off.  9' of ice.jpg (245888 bytes)

After exploring the city of Carson, we drove up the trail you see in the back round of picture # two. Here we came across the snow pack, this is the end of July and it is still 9+' thick, I don't know if it ever completely thaws out.  at the top of the trail, there are several trails that branch out and go to different places, one goes down to Heart lake.

Image54.jpg (245678 bytes)  We drove around the trails, there are plenty of them up there.  There are some that are closed off, please respect the closings and don't travel on them.  It rained on us every day that we were there and found out that the trails do get quite slippery when wet.  We watched some wheelers almost roll trying to descend a steep incline during a thunderstorm.

Image58.jpg (101202 bytes)