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Saran Wrap/Eagle Rock

Pikes National Forest

October 2001

Old stage road leaves Colorado Springs by going through one of the more upscale sections of town, the Broadmoor Estates area.  You follow the road signs as if you were going to the Zoo but turn right on Old Stage Road and head up hill.  Once you leave the neighborhood, you will be on a well maintained dirt road.  They water the road twice a day to keep the dust down.  Keep following the road until you come to the Broadmoor stables, it will be on your left.  Here the road splits, you want to stay to the right.  Keep following it and you will start to see roads that go off to the right and to the left, some are trails needing 4x4 and some are just forest service roads.  Designated trails are marked with a white arrow on a brown background. Please Tread Lightly and stay on marked trails only, if you are not sure, it probably isn't a designated trail.

                                                                                    view of the springs.jpg (263044 bytes) We took forest service road 376 which took us deep into the Pikes National Forest, on the south and west sides of Pikes Peak.  One of the roads had a hairpin right turn that headed up hill. It dead ended at a gate with spikes on it (to keep you from pushing the gate open)  it was above or just at the tree line, I'm thinking 10-11000 feet.  You could see Pikes Peak off in the distance.  

PP from south.jpg (247188 bytes) On most of the trails back here, you just need a high clearance vehicle. Tthere are a few spots where you do need 4lo.  I did break a shock mount, and subsequently destroyed the shock,  on one of the trails.  There were a lot of hunters out as it was the middle of Elk and Deer season, keep that in mind if you plan on staying over night.

.river rock.jpg (315030 bytes)     river rock back.jpg (306890 bytes)     Mat rr.jpg (316142 bytes)     Mat rr side.jpg (320794 bytes) This particular trail had a small stream running through it, we just had to stop for this photo op, Mat did well considering his difs are open.

canyon vert.jpg (78566 bytes)     Canyon.jpg (96438 bytes)

September 2004

Since they Hayman fire destroyed our normal wheeling area, we have taken to wheeling a little closer to home. In October of 2004 we wheeled Eagle Rock and Saran Wrap again, you will be able to see the difference in the vehicles from 2001 and now.

Getting some great flex from the SOA conversion. Now, if I could just convince Mat to get rid of SUA or to flip his U-bolts, he won't have these problems. I had to winch him off the rock and he has ARBs front and Rear.

Here is the veiw from the end of the trail.

October 2004

This was playing around on the first rock, didn't quite make it as I was right at the tip over angle in the 3rd picture. It sure is nice having a 4:1 transfer case and being able to walk it up obsticals. Tyra, made it over this rock on this line in her highly modified TJ with no problems. That girl can wheel!!!

This was taking the alternate route over.

movie of the 4:1 in action.

In the first pictures on this page, you see the overlook into Colorado Springs from Old Stage Road. Here is Tyra climbing the rocks that are just to the left of the overlook. She didn't go all the way up, this time, as she had not aired down for this trip. Mat's and my Jeeps, we both are running 35s now.