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Metberry Gulch

**UPDATE, Hackett's gulch trail was destroyed in the Hayman fire in 2002. This trail as well as Longwater gulch and Metberry gulch trails are closed until further notice.**

Metberry gulch is not too far from Longwater Gulch.  It is an easy trail, most of it being run in 2wd.  it is one way in and one way out, it dead ends at the bottom, along the South Platte river.  It is a beautiful ride during the autumn, when the leaves change color.  As you get toward the end of the trail, you will have some steep descents, the same ones you will have to come back up later.  At the bottom of the trail, along the river, is a cabin that is called Custer's cabin.  George Armstrong Custer is supposed to have stayed here.  It is listed as Custer's cabin on the maps.  It is a shame that vandals have carved their names into it and people have built campfires inside of the cabin.  As four wheelers, we need to do what we can to preserve nature and the trails that we ride on.  We need to tread lightly and pack out what we bring in.

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