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Longwater gulch 

Sept 2001

Longwater, Hackett, and Metberry gulches are 3 trails that are no longer open. They are a part of the Pikes National Forrest, ouside of Divide, Colorado, that were caught up in the Hayman fire of 2002. That fire was started by a Forest Service employee who was burning a letter from her ex-boyfreind. The season had been very hot and dry, we were in the 3rd year of a draught. The wind took the sparks and started a fire that ended up burning over 160,000 acres of forest land and a few structures. The trails have been closed since and, as of 18 Sept 2004, will not be opened for off highway use.

I took one of my buddies wheeling for the first time in his Jeep. He has a 90 Wrangler with a stock carbureted 4.2, 4 inch Black Diamond lift, 2 inch body lift, 33.12.50x15 Super Swampers on chrome mags, Tuffy security boxes, Best Top Soft top, and a Warn 9500ti winch. He is planning some major mods on his Wrangler in the next few months. *

*Since his first time on Longwater/Hackett, he has upgraded to a D-44 rear, 4.88s front and rear, ARBs front and Rear, custom roll cage, 35X12.50X15 Goodyear Mud Terrains on Rockstomper beadlocks.

    Image26.jpg (717166 bytes)      Image27.jpg (722586 bytes)         

Long water gulch is a trail that is rated about 6 by a lot of Four wheeling clubs out here.   It is mostly loose soil with some slab thrown in.  You can get airborne if you go too fast on the moguls.  In the 3rd pic, Mat had just come down from getting some air with his left front tire.  Notice the flex in the moguls in the 4th pic.              

Image28.jpg (761414 bytes)  Before my SOA and 35s.     Image29.jpg (172317 bytes)     Image30.jpg (678589 bytes)

This is the river crossing of the South Platte river, it can be so deep in the spring, that you can't cross.

crossing the South Platte River