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Imogene Pass


Aaron on Imgene     Gary assending Imogene     top of Imogene Pass

Imogene pass is the second highest navigable pass in the United States.  It is 13,114 feet above sea level.  The most common route is from Telluride to Ouray.  You climb along the north side of Telluride along a narrow steep road, passing through some abandoned mining towns.  As you get above the tree line, you will start to hit some very long, steep grades, this is where fuel injection is a big plus.  Once you crest the pass, you will descend into a valley with another mining area, on the left, it is fun to get out and metal detect in these areas. Just be sure to return anything you find and don't enter any of the buildings.  Imogene is a beautiful trail, one that is only open from about mid July through September because of the dense snow pack.

Be aware on the long, steep inclines when you pull out. The uphill vehicle has the right of way and pull outs are few. One couple, in 2004 rolled down over 1000' and were killed when they went over the edge in their Cherokee, after pulling over for a vehicle comming downhill.