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Hackett's gulch Sept 2001

**UPDATE, Hackett's gulch trail was destroyed in the Hayman fire in 2002. This trail as well as Longwater gulch and Metberry gulch trails are closed until further notice.**

September 2001,  Divide/Deckers, Co.

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      Up the steep side of Hackett's gulch

At the bottom of Longwater Gulch Trail, you must cross the South Platte River.  This area is wide and can be deep, the ground is packed sand and rock and is pretty level.  To get to Hackett's Gulch Trail, you must cross the river again and this time, you need to stay near the falls on the left side.  It gets very deep and you can hydro lock your engine if you are not careful.  There are two ways up Hackett's Gulch, straight up the by-pass or you can go to the right and come up the more difficult area. 

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Once you get to the top, you have a beautiful vista of the surrounding mountains and its forests.

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It is about a 4-5 foot drop from the top down into the first ledge and then 3 feet down to the trail.  I only had 2wd at this point. My vacuum harness had fallen onto the the exhaust pipe and melted through, I noticed it while we were sitting at the top of the ridge.  I decided to take the easier of the two ways on this obstacle. I went as far to the left and then cut it back down the rock.  Mat took a little different line and went up over the rock on the right rear.  Although it provided for some excitement, it was a fun obstacle.

Image01.jpg (314241 bytes)  The l ast week of Sept, '01 we went up the trial instead of down. We did the whole trail in reverse.  Here is Mat trying to go up Hackett's rock, he didn't make it and had to winch up it. 

Image04.jpg (336795 bytes)     Image05.jpg (326763 bytes) This is the steep side of the Hackett's gulch trail.  Just as you cross the river, you can go to the left which is a steep hill or you can go right and play in the ledges.  These are the ledges going down toward the river.  I was running 31s so you can see how far down the drop is, I was resting on the frame and my right front tire is up in the air. I was rocking left rear to right front as I took the picture.

Oct 27, '01

We did the trail again, Mat wanted to "take" Hackett's rock and Widowmaker before he left for Korea, he was half successful, he did get up Hackett's rock with out having to winch. I broke my rear Power-Loc, or maybe just burned up the clutches going up a mogul hill just after Hackett's rock.   

Hackett sign.jpg (248814 bytes)     Lunch rock.jpg (94281 bytes)    lunch rock 2.jpg (356779 bytes)     Lunch rock 3.jpg (355291 bytes)   Here is the sign at the bottom of the trail, cut out of steel with a plasma cutter.  We stopped here and had lunch.  You can just see a Ford Bronco II over the hood of Mat's Jeep in pic 4, while we were winching up Widowmaker, they were playing on the rock we were and the Bronco got high centered on it, he had to winch off and messed up the nerf bar pretty good.  On the way out, we had to help him fix a coil spring that had popped out of its mount.