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Spring Creek

Idaho Springs, Co.


We went wheeling with one of the owners of Avenger 4wd and a few of their customers. It was rainy and wet, which meant it was going to be a great, challenging
day of wheeling. This would be the first trip where I really would tax my vehicle since the SOA and 35s. Spring Creek is a series of old mining roads on the South side of I70, just outside of Idaho Springs. The trail switches back and forth up the mountian with beautiful vistas of the surrounding area. You can look down and see the interstate way below you. You can also see trails on the North side of the highway, across the gorge.

fun in the mud RoX Didn't have a problem all day long. Mat showing his stuff.

Jack is the Owner of Avenger 4wd and when he runs trails, he usually runs 37s in his 350 powered Jeep Scrambler named Tweety Bird. Around town, he runs 35s. Jack trying ledge

Lee is a fabricator and likes to get out on the trail once in a while in his highly modified XJ. Lee on ledge

OOOPs This picture speaks for itself. That is one of those "will never bend" tie rods too! Straighten damnit Trying to straightent it out.

Danny in his supercharged TJ. Over the rock.

After the run, we almost got the Tie rod straight