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Schofield Pass
July 2004

Schofeild pass has got to bet the most beautiful trail in all of Colorado. It is situated just North of Crested Butte, Co. and runs from the small town of Gothic, Co. to Marble, on the other side of the Pass. The Trail has the reputation of being the most dangerous trail in Colorado. It gets this distinction because, legend has it, that a large Suburban type vehicle rolled over the edge and into the Devil's Punch Bowl, backin the 70s. of the 12 persons in the vehicle, 9 died, and one body, of a little boy, was never found.

The traild is very narrow and steep. You need to make sure that there is no one comming up the pass before your start your descent and, the same thing if you are coming from Marble, you need to make sure that no one is on the way down before you head up. Mountain bike, ATVs and Motorcycles also use this pass.

This is Emerald lake, just out of Gothic as you head north on the trail. It is quite beautiful and a nice place to camp.

Waiting to descend into the pass from the Crested Butte side.

Going around a rock. Mat going down. Falls going into the Punch Bowl

The punch bowl Bridge at the bottom of the pass. Rock slide just passed the bridge.

These rock slides are common during the spring run off. This is what keeps the trail closed late into the year. You can see the snow that is still in the gorge, late into July. After follwing the trail toward Marble, you go through a small Town named Crystal. This has got to be one of the most photographed locations in all of Colorado.

As you continue on the road to Marble there are numerous waterfalls coming out of the moutains all around you.

Marble is where the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier's marble monument came from. They are currently making a replacement tomb, to replace the current one, which has a large crack in it.

August 2004

Because is was so beautiful the first time I came out, I just had to bring my wife on this trip. We met a guy in our campground who is from Richardson, Tx and had a brand new TJ Rubicon, just waiting to be broken in. We took the trail from Crested Butte to Marble.

Waiting to descend into the pass. Trail down the pass. Lonnie at the over look Lonnie, getting out to look at the punch bowl.

The punch Bowl. Falls coming down from the Bowl. Lower angle of the Falls.

Two guys cutting up an old pick up truck that rolled over the edge. Another vehicle carcass a few hundred feet below the trail.