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My love affair with the Doberman Pincher

It all started in 1981, one of my friends had a Doberman bitch named Babe. She was huge, about 95 lbs.  Herbie had gotten her from some guy as payment for some small job that he had done.  He gave her to me, 1) because he couldn't afford to pay me what he owed me for working on his car. 2) because she was pregnant and his parents didn't wan her around.   I took her and we became best friends instantly.  She would sleep in the small twin bed I had with me, guarding my room.  I'll never forget the time my brother opened the door to the room and saw her there.  All she did was lift her head up and growl, that door closed real fast.   Babe went on to give birth to 13 puppies.   I lost her not too long after that in a car accident. The car flipped and she ended up with a broken back.  It was one of the saddest days of my life, putting her down.  

Tex belonged to my (at the time) brother in law out in Phoenix, Az.  He moved out with his new family and left him to me in Virginia.  I eagerly accepted him into my family, I had interacted with him during my visits to Phoenix and we got along great.  It was a little difficult house breaking him as he had been an outside dog for two years but we did that in a relatively short period.  Tex was with us for about a year when he developed some kind of kidney problem and sadly, had to be put down too.  

Alf, Sir Alfred of Woodcreek, came a few months after having to put Tex down.  I looked around and had checked out several breeders in Va., finally settling on Alf.  Alf was my first real attempt at working obedience.  I took him through his canine manners course.  I also started working him in basic obedience.  He picked up on it fairly quick but was still a little young.  I was overzealous and put him in two trials.  The first trial, he finished but didn't do so well.  The second one, in Richmond, he busted real bad on the down stay and caused the bitch next to him to break too.  I felt pretty bad, he was just trying to be friendly.  I ended up shipping Alf to my aunt in Houston, TX . She then gave him to a truck driver with a nice big ranch in Colorado. 

alf manda jaqui.jpg (43426 bytes)

Ziggie is my baby.  Her real name is Wisler-haus  Ziegen Bock.  She was named after a beer that you can only buy in Texas.  I got her when she was 6 months old from a breeder in Houston.  My aunt's best friend.  Her pedigree is awesome, nice mixture of European and American stock, lots of championships in her lineage.  She is by far, the smartest dog I have ever owned.  She learned the sit command in 3, 10 minute sessions.  She gets into all kinds of mischief but she is even more affectionate than the two American Eskimos we have.            

ziggie.jpg (60330 bytes)  Ziggie   ziggie yard0013.JPG (274242 bytes)        dogs.jpg (66720 bytes) Ziggie, Bindi, Murphy

Ziggie was bred and had  puppies in Novermber of 2002. The sire was Harmony's Caddalac and Guitars, a Champion Red. Ziggie had 6 beautiful, perfect little babies, 3 boys and 3 girls. I am happy to say that all went to very good homes and as of the summer of 2004, one is a Fly ball champion.

Daunte (sire) Very Preggo Ziggie Babies Swarm December howl cute face Miss P in a bowl

Here is Winston, Cheryl and David's Fly Ball Champion, as of Sept 2004, he is 82nd in North America.


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