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Labor day 1998 Black Bear Pass from Ouray to Telluride, Co., San Juan mountains.

The trail opens late in the summer, it is usually dependant on how much snowfall Colorado has recieved the previous winter. Black Bear pass is off of highway 550, leaving Ouray toward Telluride. Telluride sits in a small valley and has some of the greatest powder skiing in the world. The trail is not very hard, any vehicle with a high ground clearance will do fine. One note, there are parts of the trail that are very steep and narrow. Good tire placement and attention to detail will do wonders. In 2004, a couple from Missouri were killed when they cut one of the switchbacks short, in a heavy thunder storm, and rolled over 900'.

Gary Decending Blackbear.jpg (34855 bytes)        LAKE.JPG (44586 bytes)        Waterfall.jpg (52219 bytes)        SANJUANS.JPG (36366 bytes)

Alpine lake on the way down from the pass, comming from Ouray.  This is a water fall not too far from where we camped. As you look at the lake from this location, the water fall would be almost in the center of the picture about 1/2 a mile from the lake.

Aaron_decending_BlackBear.jpg (40542 bytes)       STEEP.JPG (27207 bytes)      Aaron on Black Bear.jpg (35762 bytes)       Gary_on_Blackbear_switchbacks_2.jpg (36852 bytes)  downhill.jpg (44584 bytes)  

One of the steepest portions of trail                       Switch backs going to Telluride

   Gary on Blackbear switchbacks.jpg (35932 bytes)    HOUSE.JPG (29852 bytes)    HOUSE2.JPG (46010 bytes)

This is descending the rest of Black Bear pass.  It is one way down into Telluride except when the full moon is out then, the locals run the trail backwards, from Telluride to Ouray.  Notice how tight the switch backs are.  It takes a lot of 3 and 4 point turns on this trail. This house is on the way down the trail. There is no road that goes to it, the owner must get to it by a cable and a little cart that he slides across the valley. It has been featured on Extreme Homes, on the Learning Channel.